Online Mentoring and Professional Peer Coaching Skills for Youth Training (ONLINE MENTOR)

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2018-03-01 2020-02-28


Asociatia Everest, Romania,

Kūrybinės ateities idėjos (KAI),

STEP Institut, zavod za psihologijo dela in podjetnistvo, Slovenia,

Gender studies, o.p.s., Czech Republic, Balkanplan, Bulgaria,

SC Ludor Engineering SRL, Romania


Online MENTOR project addresses firstly youth trainers, teachers, practice mentors, youth workers and secondly  youth over 18 in the process of becoming a professional or at the beginning of their career, students, volunteers, internship participants.

The specific objectives of Online MENTOR are:

a) to strengthen the connection between theoretical knowledge and practice in training, by producing  curricula, contents and ICT materials and developing a flexible, widely usable and creative blended-learning training methodology designed for career guidance and for training mentors among young people over 18, at the beginning of their career;

b)to create a network of specialized  trainers on mentorship and provide training to trainers, teachers, volunteer and internship participants supervisors for young trainees;

c) to develop professional competences and entrepreneurial skills of  learners and young professionals through elaboration and dissemination of the professional peer coaching guidelines, but also through aspects related to entrepreneurship introduced in learning material;

d) to enhance tolerance, equality, gender balance, and social cohesion through best practice collection for gender balance and non-discrimination in career guidance.