Raising inclusion into the labor market of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants, on the base of entrepreneurial competencies development (RIECE)

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2017-09-01 2019-08-31


Kūrybinės ateities idėjos (KAI), Lithuania,

Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), Finland,

Global trainning services LTD (SSM), Cyprus,

Asociación Emprendedores para el Empleo, Spain, Asociatia Everest, Romania


Project aim: to ensure more efficient  integration of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants into the labour market creating the appropriate conditions to acquire the competences necessary for establishing the business or planning further professional career. This aim is to be achieved by comparative analysis, experience exchanges, identification and sharing of existing good practices among five organizations working with migrant’s education in Romania, Lithuania, Finland, Spain and Cyprus. All these countries are currently exposed to important migrant’s integration of into society. Target group of the project – refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, who want to be integrated into the EU labour market and/or establish own business, but experiencing lack of appropriate knowledge and skills.

According to challenges, identified in research study, project partners from Lithuania, Romania, Cyprus, Spain and Finland will create joint Program “Guidance for labour market integration of migrants”. This Program will consist of 5 main modules: Life Long Learning; Requirements and Needs of Labour Market; Different Situations in Labour Market; Cultural surroundings; Working culture. In the process of creating Program participants will take into consideration partners’ labour markets needs and cultural differences. At the end of the project this Program will be used amongst migrants in all countries thinking about integration in the EU and career in EU international companies. Information about this program will be accessible in the project website, websites of the partners, as well as published in scientific journals, EPALE platform.

The expected impact of this Project: increased number of migrants with entrepreneurship and career planning competences, efficient integrated into the EU labor market, increased the competitiveness of adult training organizations. At European level the expected impact is an improvement of cooperation between different actors connected with adult educational sector in Europe. Information about project will be disseminated among different migrants institutions across Europe.

Intelectual outputs:

O1 – Research „Challenges of migrants effective integration in to the international labour market“

O2 – Curriculum of the „Guidance for labour market integration of migrants“

O3 – Training program “Guidance for labour market integration of migrants”

O4 - The on-line Platform for the „Guidance for labour market integration of migrants training”

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